Ginger Grizzanti

“The subconscious of one’s dreams is the rawest form of art.”

Ginger Grizzanti, Freshman Artist

Hello! My name is Ginger Grizzanti, I am a freshman at Ernest Righetti Highschool. Art has been apart of me for my whole life. From a young age I was able to see the world and all its’ aspects in a new perspective, an artists perspective. As a young child I would steal ballpoint pens and printer paper from my mom and doodle. These scribbles were mostly of Disney characters and mythical creatures of no end. Since this, my art has only progressed in its own original path. My ballpoint pens, crayons, and printer paper soon evolved to paints, charcoals, inks and as much supplies as one could get their hands on.

Personally, my favorite medium to use in my pieces is watercolor. I adore watching the colors bleed and fade into one another. Acrylic and oil paints come in a very close second place. Alongside these mediums, I am experienced with using charcoal, chalk, colored pencils, inking pens, and collages! If you were to look inside one of my many sketchbooks you would find a broad variety of pages from chicken-scratch doodles to full acrylic pieces. I believe the best thing to do as an artist is to not limit yourself to one medium or type of art, express yourself in all its forms!

Inspiration and creativity are not difficult to find for me. While it is incredibly common to have typical “artist block”, I rarely experience such a phenomenon. My mind is a constant rush of ideas and feelings, there is not a second of empty space in my thoughts. Art has become my outlet for anything and everything. Everything in my pieces has meaning, even the choice of colors. I explore myself and my mind through contemplation of an art piece, from here I express such feeling through a completely unique work of art. A main flow of my inspiration is taken straight out of my dreams at night. The subconscious of one’s dreams is the rawest forms of art. I take my life and personal experiences and interpret them in a way which my brain sees them. The world is full of art, it is our job to harness it for self-expression. I would consider my art, an amalgamation of one’s perceptions.

As of now, my future artistry path remains hazy. I do not know what shall come my way. But I do aspire to work on my own and support myself through my art. I do take commissions from time to time as of now. I am hopeful for a future full of art in the world.