Kaylin Flores

“My art also helps me stay focused and relaxed.”

8×10 with sharpie

Kaylin Flores, Junior Artist

I am a girl in high school, who has always loved art since I was at the age of 6-7I’m in 11th grade and my art experience has taught me show much techniques and strategies about art.  I like producing art because not only does it help me but, it makes other people happy and inspired.  My art also helps me stay focused and relaxed.  My favorite type of art is sketching different things that inspire me. My future plans for art to maybe make a little profit on the side for sketching peoples faces into a cartoon at fun events and things like that my experience in art has taught me to be patience and let things inspire you before you take action into your art, have passion for art and let whatever comes to mind, let your hand draw freely.