Jasmine Solano

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Jasmine Solano, Sophomore Artist


Hi, my name is Jasmine, I am in 10th grade.  I like making art because it is a way that I cope to my stress or problems.  My favorite thing about art is being able to use my creativity.  My favorite kind of art is abstract.  My plans for art are to continue learning how to perfect collage art.  I have learned that art takes a lot of time and patients.








The picture shown to the right is a distortion drawing. A distortion drawing is to pull or twist out of shape. This art piece was one of my favorite because it isn’t supposed to be perfect. I also loved how my coloring came out, the colors were popping colors.








This piece of artwork shown is a foreshortening art. It is an illusion of projection or extension in space. This artwork was also really challenging because I had to try to match the size of hands and feet which was really difficult. Overall, this art piece was fun, and stressful in all. (Drawing with the orange hair girl)








I drew this picture because of how challenging it was. I could say this art piece was one of the most challenging because of how perfect it had to be. If one mistake was made it could ruin the look of the 3D look. (Black & white 3D picture)








This art piece, with my name in the middle of the circle, was probably the most fun since it was very creative and whatever came to my mind. I got to use my imagination and come up with patterns for the art piece. I could say this was a relaxing piece of work because I threw whatever came to mind on the piece of work.