Ella Consorti

“Art makes me feel happy and accomplished”

Ella Consorti, Junior Artist

Hi, my name is Ella Consorti, I’m in 11th grade and this is my first year of high school art.  I like making art because it is fun to do and a good thing to take my mind off thingsArt makes me feel happy and accomplished especially when I finish my artworkMy favorite kind of art is painting.  My future plan with art is to just continue doing art in my free time. In art I have learned that it can be stressful at times but in the end it’s fun.  

Impressionist Collage, Size: 7×10, I used magazines to collage

2021 Goal Poster, Size: 12×18, I used colored pencils and markers to do this art

Art Portfolio, Size: 18×24, I used colored pencils