Frankie Souza

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”

Frankie Souza, Junior Artist

My name is Frankie Souza, and I am in the 11th grade.  I only recently started making art and have not been practicing art for long.  I love producing art because it is a way to escape reality and to get out of your own head.  Producing art allows you to take a break from reality.  My favorite kind of art is painting.  I love looking at different kinds of painting as well as painting my own artwork.  Painting is really calming to me.  My future plans in the arts are to gain more experience and hopefully get better at art.  Throughout my art classes, I have learned patience and hard work.  Art teaches you ways to express yourself without words.  “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt,” this is a quote that sticks with me because I have had trouble with creativity while working on my art.  I tend to second guess myself and focus more on what people think while doing my art.  This year in art class has allowed me to stop second-guessing myself and worrying about what other people think of me.  Art is something I have used in times of anxiety, doubt, happiness, and sadness.  Art is something that I believe is important to everyone.  My favorite type of art is collage and painting.  I find collage and painting to be quite relaxing and beautiful.