Jayann Hurnblad

“Art takes time, and it’s important to trust your own process.”

Jayann Hurblad, Senior Artist

Hello!! My name is Jayann Hurnblad and I am in my senior year of high school.  I have been making art since kindergarten but didn’t really get into it until middle school.  Making art has always been a way to express myself and relieve stress.  It fills me with a sense of accomplishment as I watch my piece come to fruition.  I love all forms and styles of art!  My favorite art medium is drawing.  I always feel in control when using a pencil, and the fact that I can just erase imperfections and start again gives me the confidence to experiment with different styles.  Lately, though, painting has been super fun too!  Adding color to pieces really brings them to life!  Digital art is the next medium I want to tackle.  Painting, and art in general, has taught me patience.  Art takes time, and it’s important to trust your own process.  I hope to make a career out of art in the future, perhaps creating comics due to my love for story-making as well.  I am excited to continue through my art journey and enhance my art skills along the way!

This is a portrait I did of my 1-year-old nephew that I gifted to my older brother for Christmas. I used stippling to produce the texture of this piece. I used sharpies, both the normal and fine tips, to create the dots. The sizing is 18×12.
This is a self-portrait I did. Its meant to represent two states of mind coming together. I wanted to practice blending, and I think it turned out well. This piece is 15×10.
This piece is meant to represent the loneliness of self-solitude despite the desire to achieve more. A lot of time can be spent anticipating the worst before taking action, and the longer we wait, the more our resolve may dissolve. This piece is 18×12.
This piece was mainly just for practice. I’ve never painted faces, attempting to shade with colors alone. It was fun, and I look forward to doing it more. The piece is 8×10.
This piece is meant to be a test with watercolors. It was fun to blend, despite it being difficult. This is a civilization living under a dome floating in space. I like to think that they worship the great tree. This piece is 12×9.