Ginger Grizzanti

“…Stretching and Manipulating color into a picture of imperfection…”

Ginger Grizzanti, Sophomore Artist

Hello, my name is Ginger Grizzanti. I am a sophomore at Ernest Righetti High School. This school year I am taking Intermediate Drawing, taught by Mrs. Carlson- and Painting, taught by Mrs. Johnson. With that being said; I have been an artist for as long as my mind trails back.

When covid first became a relevant in all of our lives- and we were all restricted to quarantined lifestyles- I had an abundance of time to ponder and create. In this time around last year I stumbled upon one of my favorite artistic themes, “Change”. To some change is wonderful, to others it is horrific. Its all about one’s perception to complexity and simplicity. In my works I began developing these themes. Using the limitless use of surrealism and dreamscapes to my advantage.

I believe change is vital- for its’ inevitability. Without it we become stagnant. I use symbolism as a key of mutual interpretation. Stretching and manipulating color into a picture of imperfection. To some my paintings (drawings, sketches, etc.) are simply the “thing” I am depicting. To others its’ some over-articulated message. And for some people, they see nonsense. That is why I create. To depict snippets of my mind in scattered and alluring ways. Allowing my perception to shift. I simply adore creating. Making creations and letting my creations make a new me. Each “thing” I create is more extraordinary than the last.

Fact, the Peacock Mantis Shrimp can see far more colors than mammals due to their eye’s complexity. Now, even with our feeble in comparison eyes; These creatures are extravagantly colored. And yet, from their fellow Peacock Mantis Shrimp, they’re seen as even more extravagant. We mammals cannot even fathom the vividness of this creature. And the creature in question is ignorant to its beauty. Arrogantly strong. I take inspiration from creatures like this shrimp. The vastness of the unknown. And how far something can be pushed, what new symbols for change can I evolve? I have found a new love for mold and decaying matter as a symbol of necessary growth. Ideas like these greatly define my personal perception in all my currently growing art pieces. I convey emotions through color and artistic styles. Allowing myself to have irregular paintings and scribbles of sketches.

I use an assortment of medias. Acrylic+oil paints, watercolors, charcoal, crayons, collages, and inks have all been dappled with. I don’t restrict myself to simply one media and one way of doing things. There is a certain excitement to not knowing what media will be used in my next creation! I see no reason to label my artistic style as one thing or another! Art is simply what you make of it.

As a 16-year-old, I have a very faint idea of where my art shall take me. All I know for sure is creating is what I wish to do forever and always. I want my work to not be constructively critiqued and viewed- but observed and deeply analyzed. I hope someday I can make a living off what I love. I wish to meet many people and share art together. Art is everywhere, look for it and you’ll develop your own vision of what art is. In my last bio I wrote I said something along the lines of “The subconscious is the rawest form of art.” I stand by that statement- that truly is where all art stems from in the human brain. In this past year I learned something new. Something I had barely contemplated once before. Finding art in the most unconventional parts of life. Making life one massive art studio! I am immensely grateful for all the support I have received for my art. I am grateful for the support I’ve been given as just an eccentric human being. Every person in my life has made a paint stroke on the impressionist painting of my life. My art is a manifestation of many things. But the most significant of these things is who I am. I am my art, and my art is me.