Ashton Brannon

“I love art because I love to see the ideas that I create come to life.”

Ashton Brannon, Senior Artist

My name is Ashton, and I am a senior.  I love art and I have been creating art since I was only six years old.  I love art because I love to see the ideas that I create come to life.  I also feel at ease when I am making art.  It is like an escape for me and distracts me from all of the stressful things in my life.  I really enjoy drawing, mainly with pencil.  I’ve always been fond of sketching since it is what I am best at.  I especially love sketching people and nature.  In the future, I hope to show people my art, and I hope that they will love it and appreciate it.  Finally, from all my years of making art, I’ve learned a lot. I have learned patience, new techniques, and to pay attention to detail.

I made this piece in the first semester of my art class and it represents different aspects about myself and who I am.  I used an angel to represent the freedom that I desire when I grow older and begin to live as an adult.  The planets represent how I am an imaginative person.  I used planets because my mom always calls me a “space cadet” since I am always zoning out and imagining different ideas.  Finally, I then used a compass to represent how I am still trying to find my path in life.



I made this piece as a choice to use for my gallery page.  I decided to draw a celebrity that I look up to, but, as you can see, I added a twist.  This celebrity’s name is Rose, she is a part of a famous girl group called ‘BlackPink’.  The twist used in the drawing was inspired by one of their songs.  The song had a very explosive concept, and every time I listen to it I get fired up. Therefore, I used an explosion and missiles as the twist.








This piece is a drawing of my favorite character from one of my favorite shows.  I changed it up this time and I decided to use my own style to draw the character.  I also added some details that also represent the character and who he is.



This drawing was used for Inktober.  I decided to have some fun and draw a little alien riding in a Kiddie Ride which I named “The Planet Express.”  I thought it would be funny and even I got a kick out of it when I was drawing the alien in the miniature rocket ship.