Desiree Espiritu

“How I feel, how I think, and how I choose to be seen”

“Your brain can be your own worst enemy” Sometimes even your own mind can play tricks on you. It exaggerates scenarios and causes you to be your own enemy. Mental health is important and should be recognized as a priority.

Desiree Espiritu, Junior Artist

Hi!  My name is Desiree Espiritu, and I am a junior at Ernest Righetti High School.  I have always been involved with art since I was young and as I grew older, I used art classes as a creative outlet.  I enjoy producing art because I like to use it as an expression of how I feel, how I think, and how I choose to be seen.  Art is an expression of myself as a person and I love being able to portray that in a way that other people can enjoy.  My favorite type of art would have to be either painting or expressive collages.  I like to paint more abstract pieces and I like to portray my feelings and thoughts as interpretations.  My future in art is for me to just use it as an outlet for myself.  I mostly make art for my own reasons, but if other people enjoy it too then that is something that I’d like to inspire people with.  Through art class, I’ve learned different techniques to help me make my pieces more realistic and proportional.  However, I have also learned that I can use art in a way that makes it representational of me.  And portraying myself through my art is something that has helped me in many different, and positive ways.