Autumn Smith

“Earth is a human’s canvas of life.”

Autumn Smith, Junior Artist

Hello!  My name is Autumn Smith, I am a junior at Ernest Righetti High School and I have been doing art on and off throughout my life.  The reason that I got into art is mainly that I love to create things.  It brings me a wide variety of emotions from happiness to a fiery passion of hatred and rage.  The most enjoyable medium of art I do is graphite and charcoal.  Currently, I don’t actually have any plans for the future involving art, except maybe as a hobby.  However, art has taught me to use my brain to make out patterns and shapes to see the bigger picture (ha pun).

Art itself is extremely important to me and my life. The way that art is everywhere you go, all around 24/7. Including horrible events in the world. It’s still art, even if it’s horrible to look at or watch.

Earth is the canvas for human life, we get to decide what we want to create.  Life as we know it is a canvas for Earth.