Righetti Film Festival 2021


Jacob Gustafson, Film Teacher










During this academic year students had to stay home in a distance learning environment. That meant that the students taking all levels of film classes at RHS had to learn how to write a story they could film from home, storyboard it, film it with their own equipment, and edit it on their school-issued tablet. This was quite a challenge! Thankfully the students at RHS are hard working and enthusiastic so this year’s films are just as exceptional as they were when students were on campus, perhaps even more so. The films here represent students of all levels of film making classes. Checkout the playlist below with over 20 student films!


 RHS Film Festival 2021 PLAYLIST

Postponed by Jonas Rabe


Emily’s Friend by Vanessa Samaniego


Emily’s Friend Part 2 by Vanessa Samaniego



Spaghetti by Alexys Zamudio



Switching Sides by Luis Gallardo



Missing Dog by Abigail Cezar



The Rush by Mariah Lopez


I Only Have One Summer by Camila Herrera



I Wanna Go Surfing by Ella Green


The Lost Kid by Emanuel Valencia


The Choice by Destinee Nix


1v1 by Andrew Armstrong



The Carrot Thief by Marisol Ruiz



The Headache by Jonathan Gomez



Basketball by Rachel Rodriguez


The Long Grass by Parker Reynolds


The Duel




The Lost Keys by Savannah Rodriguez



Almost Done by Alyssa Gomez



Who’s Really the Favorite Child by Jordan Sarellano



Where’s My Watch? By Jonas Rabe


Two Sisters by Francisco Miranda

The Hoodie by Dylan Morett Castro

On My Own by Kayla Williams