Amanda Robledo Huizar

Photography has allowed me to capture moments in my own life that I do not want to forget, it has changed the way I viewed things through my camera. Art is something I cherish so much in life, being able to bring my visions to life and be creative, therefore I chose this picture. I am interested in everything, want to try out and know everything that in the end I face two big challenges: TIME and FOCUS. Because the “achiever” thinking kicks in. Along the way I have been and continue to be inspired by the work of others. I have realized that without a camera in-hand, I am another zombie on their smartphone. I fail to notice and appreciate the beauty of everyday life around me. However, when I have my phone in my hand, and I can feel the weight of camera in my hand, I look around and actively look for photo opportunities, I feel the sensitivity of my eyes go up. I can perceive colors, shapes, forms, and gestures on a deeper level. My style is a combination of my loved ones (personal photography), black and white, fine art, and still-life photography.