Jacqueline Valenzuela-Rivera

Ocean, city, and nature landscape pictures are the types I most enjoy shooting, especially through angles you don’t normally view these places at. Going to aesthetically pleasing places that give you great opportunities to get some great shots is fun, though many times the image you see using your eyes and the image on a camera are represented very differently. Capturing the world as it is and creating an even more beautiful image through a camera lens then through your own eyes is something I find amazing and something only a handful of people can do. I wish to continue learning and one day be a part of that handful. I like pictures that tell a story, this being either one of my own or one I can relate to. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” I think, only is true when the quality and level of photography are high enough to give us that story. In the future, I hope to fulfill that and create stories behind even the most simplistic photography, preferably with cityscape shots and cities themselves.