Tia Peterson

What is your definition of beautiful? I try to present photographs that are not just “beautiful” to the eye. I work to create art that is mesmerizing, enticing, and alluring to me and to other viewers. Part of my process is to visualize what I could make of the view or what specific details to include before I release the shutter. I capture the photos that speak to me in an emotional way but can also attract attention in various of ways from others. There are many types of photography I enjoy – capturing head shots of individuals, nature, street photography, and basically anything that captures my eyes as appealing or be developed to greatness. Personally, I have not just grown as an artist but I also grew as an individual that still has a lot to learn and plenty more to opportunities to experience. My goals in my foreseeable future will be to continue the photography route, print my work out, display what needs to be heard or known, to travel the world and take exquisite photos of behind-the-scenes stories that others may not know about, and last but not least dedicate my social media feed to all types of unique photography.