Alma Jimenez

“Art is deeper than just a piece of work.”

Alma Jimenez, Junior Artist

My name is Alma Jimenez and I’m a Junior. My creativity ties back to the drawings and scrips my oldest brother used to create. I always thought it looked cool to create your own style of letters. I think art is important to a society because it’s a way for people to express themselves. Another reason art is important is because it can be used to spread awareness about situations going on in the world. Art is a big factor in our society, it’s deeper than just a piece of work. We see the work of people who share the same surroundings as us and find a way to express themselves through that. When I’m producing art I am able to release my stress, exhaustion, and creativity onto my paper. My favorite kind of art is using paint and paper with a number 2 pencil. My future plans with art is to continue using it when I need a distraction or I feel stressed. Some things I have learned from art is that you can let free, but every piece requires precision. It also requires background knowledge about a piece being created or recreated. My art reflects who I am because I have my own style and way of every stroke of a paint brush, or the way my pencil draws a line.