Brian Morales

“Art is important to society because it helps us express creativity.”

Brian Morales, Sophomore Artist

Hello, I am the artist, Brian Morales. I am a student at Righetti Highschool in the tenth grade. I am Mexican, and my favorite hobbies are to play soccer and cut hair. Art is important to society because it helps us express creativity, and let’s us relax and enjoy the hobby. Art is also important to our society because it helps us express problems we face in everyday life and also show a deeper meaning behind it.  When I am producing art, I feel very relaxed and not rushed because I do art step by step and let my mind flow with the process.

My favorite kind of art is a painting, because you could do a painting many different ways. Also, my favorite type of medium is acrylic paint because of all the different colors and shades you could do with it. In addition, my future plans in Art is to take another Art class after this one and hopefully learn more things and improve my creativity. Something I have learned through art is that you can show art in many different ways. Not just a drawing or painting but you could do a collage, sculpture, and even a found objects sculpture.

My art reflects who I am because it shows my details and creativity I put into it, which shows that I am a very creative person and also care about how my drawings look. Also with some of my art I show things I like, for example I like elephants so I made a sculpture of an elephant using found objects.