Sithlali Hernandez

If another civilization is out there, I wonder (advanced or not) how would they feel about human art?

Sithlali Hernandez, Junior Artist

Hi, I’m Sithlali, a junior. I love art, in its different forms. I love looking at and learning about everything around me.  I wonder if another civilization out there, advanced or not; how would they feel about human art? Their opinions. Art has and still influences everything, music, movies, literature, technology, fashion, makeup, architecture. Making art to me, feels amazing when I’m in a peaceful environment, nice lighting, my favorite type of music, and having no work to do. My favorite kind of art is painting, surrealism, and perspective so far. I’d say my favorite mediums are watercolor, ink, acrylic, and pen. Although, I don’t plan in taking another art class in high school, I do plan learning new things about art and techniques outside of school in the future. I consider myself a curious person who loves learning things and art does that for me.