Emma Urias

I really enjoyed creating and expressing myself in another art form other than dance. 

Emma Urias, Freshman Artist

Hi! My name is Emma Urias. I am a freshman at Righetti, and I have always lived in Santa Maria. I was bummed that I had to go through my first year of high school online, but I am glad to have these last few weeks on campus! I have been studio dancing for 10 years, so I was very open-minded when I signed up for the Intro to Art class. I really enjoyed creating and expressing myself in another art form other than dance.

During this class I gained a new perspective of art. I believe that art is important to society in general because it creates a form of language where you can express your thoughts and feelings, as well as tell stories or history. I also think art in our society is very important because it gives us opportunities, a future, and an outlet.

When I create art, I feel a wave of emotions. Although it can be a bit stressful to get every requirement incorporated into your art piece and finish it on time, it can feel very calming and exciting while making it. My favorite kind of art is painting. I’ve done about 5 paintings this year. My favorite medium to use is acrylic paint.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to take another art class next year. I do not have room in my class schedule because I decided to double up on science to get ahead. However, there is a chance I will have room in my schedule my senior year!

I have learned and improved greatly in art class. I learned how to properly brainstorm an idea, why multiple sketches are needed, and how to kindly critique others. I have also learned how to reflect myself through art. Creating symbols about my feelings or beliefs was very hard for me at first. However, incorporating symbolism into more of my artwork as well as creating sketch after sketch until I produced the perfect composition helped me improve quicker. I have used symbolism to reflect my love for dance, my passion for learning, and my personal goals. I notice I tend to use bright and vibrant colors on projects that I am very excited for. When I am sad or unmotivated for a project, I tend to mostly use darker colors.