Kenzie Oclaray

“Art is super relaxing and helps me calm my nerves down”

Kenzie Oclaray, Sophmore Artist

Hi, My name is Kenzie Oclaray and I am in 10th grade! I currently coach little kids in cheer and am trying out for a travel basketball team. I’ve always been a fan of art because I would see my siblings in this class and just think “wow I want to do what she’s doing.” I think art is important to our society because humans use art as a way to express themselves. Art can be shown in more ways than I ever thought because it’s not only drawing and coloring, but painting and using things you wouldn’t have expected to be seen in art like water bottles and plastic, you can even show your art through makeup!  With all these different ways I think my favorite is still painting because it’s so relaxing seeing the brush move smoothly over the paper. Unfortunately I cannot take another art class because I do have to move on but if I could I’d do it all over again. I think through art I’ve learned to express myself in ways I’ve never thought of. Art reflects who I am because when I paint I paint how I feel and if you look at my different paintings you can see how I feel.