Aiyana Andrade

“You can accomplish anything, as long as you put your mind to it.”

Aiyana Andrade , Junior Artist

Hi, I’m Aiyana Andrade and I’m a junior at Righetti Highschool. I’m the youngest in my family, and while growing up, my sister loved doing art. I would watch her paint or draw, in which inspired me to get into art. I think art is important to society because you’re able to express yourself through it. It’s also a great stress reliever and helps you to get into your own zone. When producing art, it makes me feel accomplished after finishing the art piece. Usually I tend to doubt myself, but once I see the final product, I feel very proud. My favorite type of art is more on the dark/gore side. I feel when people think of art, they tend to forget about the fire type of it. It is also just fun to have hidden meanings for your peers to figure out! I think it’s also just great to have someone understand the feeling coming from the art. My senior year I’m thinking about taking another art class. I’m interested in the painting class; I really enjoy painting and would like to expand my skills on it. I’ve learned through art that it’s the best way to express yourself. Especially for social and cultural awareness, I also learned it helps you to prepare for the future. This is because it helps you to use critical thinking in the artistic process. In my art, I tend to put hidden dark meanings that sometimes gives a glimpse of my daily life. I like to turn these negative experiences I’ve overcome, into a positive outlook; as well as to express it in a positive way through my art. It is always good to have a positive outlook because you only live life once!