Alaska Jebens

The biggest thing I’ve learned during art is patience.

Alaska Jebens, Junior Artist

My name is Alaska Jebens, I am a Junior at Righetti High Schoool. Currently, I am in the Intro to Art course. Some past experiences I’ve had with art are coloring, drawing, and painting. Art is so important to society, art is all around us. Whether that be for a creative outlet, cooking, architecture, movies, and so much more.

It makes me feel very proud and accomplished to have my artwork produced. My favorite kind of art is a looser creative design, more specifically, Zentangle art. I love all the detail and time I am able to put into an art piece, it makes me feel accomplished. My favorite medium is ink. Finalizing my art piece with a pen makes my art feel complete.

My future plans in art are to take the painting course next year and after will do art for fun and as a creative outlet. I have learned a lot in art. The biggest thing I’ve learned during art is patience. Especially with Zentangles, you need to be very patient and diligent with the details that go into Zentangle. My art reflects my hard work and patience I put into it. It’s a great creative outlet for me and lets me express myself through some of my art.