Victoria Salazar

Art makes me feel relaxed!

Victoria Salazar, Freshman Artist

My name is Tori Salazar and I am a freshman at Righetti HighSchool. I come from a background of hispanic and asian decent which really connects me with my art because I am able to incorporate my background in my art. I believe art is important in our society because without art our society would be very bland and no one would be able to express themselves. Producing art makes me feel very relaxed and calm it is like an outlet for me when I’m stressed or just need a break. My favorite type of art is Zentangle and my favorite medium is graphite. My plans with art in the future is that I plan on using art as an outlet to escape from my problems. I like to do art on my own time and at my own pace. I have learned how to express myself through my art which has really helped with finding myself through these difficult times.  I use my art to reflect my own personality as a person by using vibrant and light colors and use my art to show the worlds problems and what we can do to change them