Keyla Chavez

“I valued the time and my mistakes.”

Keyla Chavez, Senior Artist


Hello, I’m Keyla. I am the middle child and the only girl.  I was happily blessed to have two loving and creative brothers. I got most of my creativity from them.  They both taught me to be strong, I know that anything I create they will always be proud and be a shoulder I can lean on.

This is an art piece I was most crazy about.  It was a challenge but I loved every second I put into this.  I valued the time and my mistakes.  I was able to learn about the difference between my collage and my hand drawings and this was definitely an experience I’d sure love to do with others and again.


I was inspired by a collage but wanted to make this a drawing.  I loved the way it turned out and how different it was as it became an amazing thing.  It let my mind run wild with creativity.

I’d like to thank Carlson for giving me the opportunity as well as teaching me different art.  I was able to express myself and show another side of me.  I loved being able to let my creativity run wild.