Yuliza Gomez

I get excited to see the ordinary, blank sheet of paper come to life with my imagination.

Yuliza GomezVargas, Sophomore Artist

About Me

Hello my name is Yuliza Gomez, I am a sophomore artist taking Intro to Art. I strongly believe that people should spend more time outdoors and appreciate the beauty found in nature. I choose to take art this year because I’ve always enjoyed looking at art and wanted to be able to produce art that I can be proud of.  My beliefs are incorporated into a lot of my art works; I really hope my art is able to convey and show viewers the wonders of nature.

The Importance of Art

Art is important because it allows individuals to freely express themselves; we are able to learn a lot about a person through their art, then through words. Art also serves as a escape from reality, many artists (including myself) use our art to forget the hardships we are going through and release any stress  we are feeling.

When making a art piece I tend to feel very focused, calm, and happy. I get excited to see the ordinary, blank sheet of paper come to life with my imagination. Its a very rewarding and satisfying feeling, knowing what my hours of hard work have produced.

My Experience

Art class has taught me how to truly appreciate artists and their meaningful details. We also studied a lot of artists throughout the year,  my favorite artist this year were Cezanne. I really enjoy Cezanne’s art works because he painted many landscapes that reflected my beliefs, his unique brushstroke technique made his art captivating.

I learned how to effectively use the right side of my brain, properly shade, distinguish the difference between one and two dimensional drawings, balance the negative and positive space in drawings, and the process of art.

My favorite median in art is paper because it’s fun to alter it’s shape and form to create a picture. This year I really enjoyed making collages because they gave me a lot of freedom to express myself. I was really surprised to see my gradual improvement over time, It encouraged my to continue trying my best. Overall I had a great, memorable time in this class and would strongly recommend trying it out.

Future Plans

Next year I plan on taking intermediate drawing, I hope my schedule allows me to continue taking art classes for the rest of my remaining high school years. I also plan on practicing on trying to improve my art in my free time. Art class allowed me to enter a world of imagination and possibilities; I gained a new hobby that lets me relieve stress, cope, and freely express myself.