Andrea Padilla

“[Art is] a way to just ‘be’ in your world.” 

Andrea Padilla, Junior Artist

My name is Andrea, a Junior, and I have 2 years of art.  Art isn’t a right or wrong way to do, there may be techniques and tricks, but they are not necessary in my opinion.  I see art as a mindless act and coping mechanism.  A way to just be in your world.  From what I’ve known, I have always drawn and I love working with graphite.  I find the textures of skulls to be the easiest to work with.  The cheekbones are my favorite part to shade.  I hardly do any other media, but when I do, it does get quite frustrating.  I sometimes think about being an art teacher, but I don’t see myself having the compassion to accept everyone’s art and I may be critical.   I like to do art alone, in my vulnerable times.

Its fun and sad for me.