Faith Davidson

“Art makes me feel happy.”

Faith Davidson, Sophomore Artist

My name is Faith, and I am 16 years old in my sophomore year. I play soccer for both club and high school. I’ve been playing since second grade. I love listening to music and hanging out with my family. My grandma has always told me that I am good at art and very creative. I think art is important to our society because it adds color and beautiful things to look at. I can’t imagine the world in the black and white or without fun designs and patterns. It would make the world so much sadder and more boring.

Producing art is very peaceful to me. It kind of lets you forget about all your other problems while producing it. My favorite kind of art is Zentangle. I like how simple the process is, but it always comes out looking so pretty. I like using acrylic paint because I like how it allows you to mess up and still be able to work with your mistake.

My future plans for art would be maybe taking a photography class, it is just a different a form of art. I have learned that art can be a good way for you to express your emotions, or if you ever need a breather from everything going on in your life, art is an awesome way to cool down and relax. In my art projects, I had messed up several time but just kept working on it and not giving up, and it still turned-out super pretty. I think that could relate to life as well. Even if things are getting hard or you feel like giving up, just keep working hard and the outcome will be rewarding.