Matthew Saavedra

Drawing or doing anything related to art just gives me a sense of relaxation that makes it all worth it.

Matthew Saavedra, Junior Artist

Hello, I am Matthew Saavedra and I am currently a junior in high school. The reason that I got interested in art and drawing was because of a family member of mine and he would always show me his art projects and drawings so I thought I would give it a whirl. I feel like art is important to a society because it offers a way of expressing ideas and wishes that typically go against the norm in a way. Art also gives us the tools and means for communicating about the way we see the world which we wouldn’t be able to do if it was through speaking or writing. Just drawing or doing anything related to art just gives me a sense of relaxation and accomplishment because when I start a project it will look nothing like its supposed to but little by little everything starts coming together and when I finish its just like “wow” sort of a feeling of amazement and my favorite kind of art to create at the moment are looser creative designs like a Zentangle.

Then going on to my favorite type of medium, it would have to be graphite mainly because I make a ton of accidents and I can always erase it and if you didn’t know what a medium is its basically what we use to make art. It could be paint, ink, or watercolors, stuff like that. I may not pursue a career related to art but it will definitely be a hobby of mine for a long time. I have learned many things through art let it be patience or creativity because some of these projects took time, effort, and countless adjustments. Its funny when I think about how I got interested in art, because now I enjoy art and maybe I enjoy some aspects more than others but this class taught me a lot, it didn’t just teach me how to draw.