Natalie Gonzalez

Art is fun and relaxing!

Natalie Gonzalez, Junior Artist

Hello! My name is Natalie, I’m in 11th grade, and something that influences my art would probably have to be just the things that are all around me that I can draw or paint. I think art is important to society because it helps people express themselves through paintings, drawings, or sculptures. For me producing art is fun because I can really do whatever I want! I like that about art: I love the fact that I don’t have to follow any rules and I can do what I want with it. One of my favorite kinds of art is painting, but I also do like to draw and sketch. With painting, I like to use watercolors and gouache paints.  I have learned how to do perspective drawings and I thought it was a really neat thing to learn how to do for future projects of my own. I think my art reflects who I am because I create things that express myself in paintings or drawings and it shows who I am.