Olga Uvalle

“When I produce art, it makes me feel less stressed and overall happy.”

My name is Olga Uvalle. I am freshman here at Righetti high school. Growing up, I loved art and was first inspired by my cousin who made the most amazing pieces I had ever seen at the time, and I wanted to create things like he did, so I began to pursue art just like him. I think art is important to our society because art is something that does not need a language to understand. When we see art we see the same piece that the artist specifically made; it is something that everyone can understand. When I produce art it makes me feel less stressed and overall happy. My favorite kind of art is sculpture and my favorite medium is graphite because it is so simple. Although I enjoyed all the fun things I learned and did in the art class I was a part of, I think I would like to continue with art on my own so I can go at my own pace. What I learned from art was to be observant in the colors, shapes, and styles, and I learned to be more patient. The art I create reflects who I am by the thing I chose to create.