Enrique Hernandez

“Art helps me relax and brings me to peace.”

Enrique Hernandez, Senior Artist

Hi, my name is Enrique Hernandez. I am 17 years old and I am about to graduate from Righetti High School. I’ve always grown up in Guadalupe with a beautiful family of five; my parents and my two sisters. I grew up playing baseball throughout my lifetime and I played baseball freshman and sophomore year of high school. I was always an adventurous kid who liked to go outdoors and play all the time. I have always had a found wonder about nature and the outdoors and all that has to offer. Art plays an important role in society because we are able to look back at art and really look at how an artist looked upon certain things and understood certain things in the world. Some artists painted about things they like and that’s how we get to know the artist but other artists painted things on what was happening in the world at the moment and that also brings us back to history and what it was like living in that moment. 

Producing art has made me feel very relaxed and at peace with myself. Art  provides me with the zone of living in the present and not necessarily having to worry about the past or the future. Art brings me peace when I create it because I can focus on a certain thing at a certain time and leave the outside world out of my art piece. My favorite kind of art would definitely be perspective drawing. It is my favorite type of art because you draw things from a different perspective of you. It lets the audience see what you’re seeing as if they were there. And I like this kind of art because you really just don’t know what type of angle of artwork you’re gonna get from a perspective drawing. My favorite medium would definitely be graphite pencil. This is my favorite medium because you’re able to use a lot of different shades of color. Although you might think it’s just a pencil it’s a lot more than that when it comes to art. With graphite you’re able to create dark light mediums you know in between. With other mediums you can’t necessarily create these shades that range from light to dark because of the type of medium. 

I hope to take art with me for the rest of my life, but I know art won’t be my main purpose in life and that’s OK. It is something I would like to do on the side for the fun and creativity of it. I’m going to use it in the future because it really helps relax me and bring me to zen where I’m able to block out the outside world from my art piece. I have learned that a pencil is an important tool but an eraser is just as important as the pencil when it comes to creating artwork with graphite. I have also learned that art takes time and patience and your art skills don’t just come overnight, you have to develop the skills along your journey to create beautiful pieces in the end. You also have to have a lot of patience because art doesn’t create itself. If you really want a quality finished piece, you have to take the time and effort to do art carefully and with excellence. I think art is very important to someone because it reflects on who they are. It’s also very important because it helps us understand what the person took interest in the most and sometimes it even tells us what is going on in the world around them in that time period.