Connor Villanueva

When you work on a piece that truly draws you in it becomes rather peaceful.

Connor Villanueva, Senior Artist

Hiya, I’m Connor Villanueva and I’m a high-school senior at Righetti. I grew up surrounded by art as my grandmother once painted some beautiful pieces, and I found myself wanting to have her kind of talent. While I was never as great as her, I continued with simple drawings in hopes of improving.

I think art is important to our society because it serves to represent artists’ views on life throughout history. Throughout this year we’ve looked at various periods of history and, through the art, have been able to discover not only the stories behind the pieces but also the artists’ own views and feelings about the society they were in, and I think that’s truly wonderful.

Honestly, producing art can be rather stressful and tiresome at times. Yet, when you work on a piece that truly draws you in it becomes rather peaceful. Personally, I enjoy that peacefulness and it helps improve both the quality and my outlook on my finished art piece.

My favorite kind of art is perspective drawing because it can be used to create a wide variety of scenes ranging from an entire cityscape to a detailed interior of a building.

My favorite medium to work with is definitely graphite. I’ve always loved the aspect of black and white of both artwork and photography. Also, something about the way graphite drawings create an entirely different atmosphere compared to other mediums completely captures my interest.

While I don’t plan on taking another art class in the future, I do still plan on creating art on my own for myself as a way of expressing my current interests. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to look back on the art I’ve done and reminisce on the different periods of my life.

Through art, I’ve learned just how much figurative emotion an artist can display through their artwork. Whether it’s through adapting a different art style than their usual or working with a different medium to create an entirely different atmosphere. This has allowed me to appreciate art on a different level than I had before.

I think my art reflects who I am because it represents my interests, passions, and ultimately shows how I continue to challenge myself with pieces that are gradually more difficult to create. So while my work may not be as great as some, it still represents who I am and what I thrive to achieve.