Francisco Miranda

In the future, I plan to take more art because I want to become more creative.

Francisco Miranda, Freshman Artist

Hi, my name is Francisco Miranda. I’m in 9th grade at Righetti High School and honestly art is a really relaxed subject and I like how I can be really creative. Art is really important to our society because when art is around people, people tend to become really creative and it also shows your emotion based on your drawing/panting, and etc. When I produce art, it feels good because you were relaxed the whole time, not rushed and I get to Draw or paint whatever I want and the satisfaction of getting it done feels good. And for my opinion my favorite kind of art is 2-point perspective and shadowing. And when it comes to those subjects, I like to do it in graphite. In the future I plan to take more art because I can become more creative, and I like to draw and let my hand do what needs to be done. Throughout art I learned to be myself, draw what I want, being more creative, and I got more relaxed and calmer. Art has managed to change people because it has change me because I been more relaxed, more clam and I like to take my time, always thinking positive and being myself.