Ryah Estes

“Painting helps me relax and stop overthinking.”

Ryah Estes , Senior Artist

Hello, my name is Ryah Estes. I am a senior at Righetti High school and I have always enjoyed drawing and I have now experienced my newfound joy in painting. I believe that art is important because it helps with historical events and helps viewers to connect with the artist; with the dreams, personalities, and interests. This year was my first year ever painting and I found it to be very relaxing. I enjoy turning on my music and taking time out of my day just to paint whatever is on my mind. During this year I have discovered that I enjoy doing landscape painting and I would like to do more Van Gogh-related painting because the brush strokes are fun ways to experiment. However, after using oil paint for one of my paintings, I decided that I would rather use acrylic. In the future, I would like to experiment with watercolors because I have always been fascinated by them.  If I don’t take another art class in the future, it’ll be ok;  because I enjoy going at my own pace and choosing what I would like to paint. This class was a nice learning experience and it helped me improve but I enjoy the freedom of painting on my own time. I have learned how to not be afraid to mess up paintings, how to paint clouds, mix colors and express myself. I have discovered my own style and my preferences in painting and I believe that this class and painting has helped me express myself through the colors and the designs that I choose to paint.