Jimena Camacho, AP Art Submission

“Seeing paint blend together brings me satisfaction and joy.”

Jimena Camacho, Senior AP Artist

Hello! My name is Jimena and this is my AP Art Portfolio which explores how I can create growth through reflection on difficult experiences and find the beauty in them. In a few pieces I created, I  portrayed more somber, normal-teenager emotions such as anxiety or depression. Other pieces articulated positive feelings such as self-love and self-assurance. During the Covid lockdown, I went through being lonely, depressed, and unmotivated, which is also shown in some artworks. While creating these artworks, I realized that with my hands, I am able to paint and draw negative feelings into positive feelings such as self-love and self-assurance. Later on, I revised some previous pieces with gold leaf to express this glorious process of both always finding the goodness within, and the transformative process of reflection, followed by learning and growth.

The AP Art Studio experience for me was both challenging and great.  It was amazing to be able to have the choice of a concentration for the artwork and coming up with ideas for pieces. The challenging part for me was somewhat feeling as if I was rushing through the creation of artworks, and not feeling the most confident in some artworks. Something I learned from this experience was how important it is to look back at old artworks and acknowledge your weakness to later improve on them when creating your next piece. I also learned that I tend to lean more toward artworks with emotional value.