Julia Gomez

“Art is a creative outlet for me.”

Julia Gomez, Senior Artist

Hello! My name is Julia Gomez, I’m a senior and I’ve been living in Santa Maria for a few years now. I don’t have that much background in art other than my passion for it and my love for being creative. I’ve always loved being creative and creating things for other people to enjoy. I like to connect my hobbies such as music or the people in my life in my art. On my art portfolio, my family is pictured and I painted them because I love them and they’ve always loved the art that I’ve created and their support is very much appreciated.

Art is important in a society because it can illustrate important events that happened throughout history. From the creation to new technology, science, post Industrial Revolution, etc. For example, Impressionism, a movement that began during the 19th century at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Impressionist artists such as Edgar Degas, George Seurat, Mary Cassatt, Claude Monet, and many others, captured leisure time, the invention of photography, scientific discoveries, and the modernization of Paris.

Art is important to OUR society because it gives people a creative outlet to express themselves. Not only can people express themselves through their art, but they can convey messages through their art as well. The message that an artist is trying to convey can connect to their audience, making the artists’ art really meaningful and vulnerable.

To me, producing art makes me feel good. Whenever I’m having a tough day and get to art class, I feel so much better. I can wind down and create something that someone else can enjoy. Being able to create something is so unexplainable, all I can really say is that I’m happy that I get to create art and have an outlet to be creative.

My favorite kind of art is drawing. I don’t draw as often because I often lose motivation to draw or I have artist block, but when I finally do sit down and an idea comes to me, I just love to draw. I also love painting as well, sometimes I do struggle with mixing colors but I’ve discovered that being in painting has made me love painting.

My favorite medium has to be acrylic paint. Mixing colors can be a challenge but there’s something about being finished with a painting and looking at my hands that have paint on them that makes me feel that I’ve really worked hard to create something.

For my future plans in art, this August I will be taking a Art Appreciation at Hancock, which is an art history class. Art history is interesting because it gives the audience insight about what period of time the artist was making the art piece and how might that certain period correlated with that art piece.

What I’ve learned through art is that everyone works at a different pace and that I shouldn’t beat myself up about working slower compared to my peers. I often find myself doing this, but I know that I like taking my time and don’t like to rush myself when it comes to my art.

My art reflects who I am because I like to tie in my hobbies, such as listening to music, into my art. I may draw an album or two that I like in the background of my art. What I find important is tied into my art, such as spending time with my friends or my family on my art portfolio, is captured. I think it’s important that I establish in my art who is important to me and that I’m vulnerable because people can relate to their family and friends being very important people in their life.