Jimena Camacho

“Art is important to society because it brings people together.”

Jimena Camacho, Senior Artist

Hello! My name is Jimena and I am a senior in high school. As a younger kid, I have always been drawn to art, enjoying coloring books more than toys and spending Christmas money on cheap art sets. In my freshman year of high school, I began taking painting seriously and continued taking more art classes throughout high school. I enjoy creating art because it relieves stress and it makes me feel completed; just seeing paint blend together brings me joy. When producing art, I feel calm and content, as if all my problems just go away. I would say my favorite kinds of art are paintings and drawings. My personal favorite medium would have to be either oil paint or charcoal, but I am more into creating paintings. I believe art is important to society because it brings people together and helps heal our souls.

Through art, I have learned to have lots of patience in the process of developing artwork, and how much colors are able express strong emotions in artworks. I have also come to the conclusion that I am personally more drawn to painting portraits and clothing, as well as bright and colorful artworks. 

Some of these pieces that are featured were a few commissions I have done, which I began selling during the start of quarantine. Because I had more time on my hands, I took art requests from people online and family members who were interested in buying artwork. In the future, I definitely plan to continue working on commissions, as well as take art classes to develop my art skills.