Alexa Valenzuela

“Art gives me reassurance that I, myself am capable of accomplishing greatness!”

Alexa Valenzuela, Senior Artist









Hi, my name is Alexa Valenzuela Lopez. Currently a senior in Ernest Righetti High School. My first thought of art was that it looked fun to do. I was amazed at some other artists talent! I have now been doing art for 9 years and I am very proud of how much I have grown and the experiences of watching myself enhance my skills. Art is important to society because it is a way to give voice through visualization. It is important to our society because it represents who we are and gives a way to many interpretations that have their own meaning. When I make art, I always think to myself “How did I do that?” It gives me reassurance that I, myself am capable of doing something that I thought it would have been impossible to accomplish. I first enjoyed just doing drawings when I started, but painting has been my favorite when I switched my perspective. My favorite medium for painting is acrylic paint. I grew up always using that for my school projects that it stuck with me ever since I do art. I plan to take more art classes in college. Art is my career and I wish to keep on pursuing it! In art, I’ve learned that nothing you do is wrong, but taking more practice will help you to become better and it does. Art reflects who I am because it shows what I am capable of achieving. The hard work that is shown in each piece, reflects how much art is important to me!