Shawna McMillan

“Creating art helps you to relax, bond with others, and just appreciate the finer things.”

Shawna McMillan, Sophomore Artist

Hey there! I’m Shawna, a sophomore here at Righetti High School. I’ve always been a creative kid, drawing little images such as eyes on the sides of my paper, dancing for cheer or just for fun, and losing myself in my imagination in the countless amount of books I’ve read. However, my grandad helped to immerse me in art more than I already was. He signed me up for a few art classes at the local art center where I was able to learn some techniques and just fall in love with the process of making art. Taking these art classes helped me to realize that art is a good thing that more people need to be involved with because it helps you to relax, bond with others, and just appreciate the finer things. Art is very very relaxing to me, and it makes me happy to see the final outcome and show others. Personally, I love looking at paintings, but really enjoy working with graphite because of how versatile it can be. As of right now, I haven’t really thought about my future in art, but might keep doing it for fun on the side, and maybe even take another class senior year. While taking art, I’ve learned that you really need to take your time to make it look good, but also to not stress yourself on the details or else it might just take too much time. Ultimately, art has always been a pretty big influence in my life and is something that I really enjoy doing, and I hope it can continue to be apart of my life.