Julie Hak

“Art makes me happy. It lets me have an outlet where I am able to channel my thoughts and feelings.”

Julie Hak, Senior Artist

My name is Julie Hak and I am 18 years old. I was born in Tucson, Arizona and moved to Santa Maria California for almost 4 years now. I’m currently a Senior. I have always loved art ever since I was young. I would always be doodling no matter where I was. The reason I started to get serious about art was because in elementary school I was always told I had some potential, so I started to take art classes. I have always seen art as important to society because it allows others to see your creative side that everyone may not know about. It also allows others to be able to admire the hard work you put into your pieces and to show off the work you did. 

To me, art makes me happy. It lets me have an outlet where I am able to channel my thoughts and feelings. Art work is more than just art work to me. It can also tell the story behind the artist. A lot of people don’t realize it most of the time, they are always looking at art. When I am creating art, it makes me reflect on my younger days as a kid drawing cartoon characters. I realize how far along I’ve truly come from those days. My favorite kind of art has always been drawing, ever since I was a kid. It is what I am also best at because I draw more than do any other type of art. My favorite medium is graphite. It’s because of the control I have over it and ow easy it is to fix mistakes by just simply erasing. 

In the future, I plan to continue art for sure and I hope I can take an art class in College. It might be hard because I am going into nursing and nursing is intense.  I will continue to draw in my free time because that is my favorite hobby. I plan to teach my sister once she is older as well because she is already starting to doodle everywhere like I used to do.

I think we should all appreciate nature a little bit more. I am always outside doing something even if it is just taking a simple walk. By painting outdoor scenes, I hope to share the importance of nature with others.