Anthony Hawkins

“I express myself through art.”

Anthony Hawkins, Sophomore Artist



My name is Anthony Hawkins. I am a Sophomore student at Righetti High School. My great grandfather was an artist. He made drawings for newspapers and magazines. His name was Abe and my family tells me I’m a lot like him. I also take a couple of summer art classes/workshops and I enjoy expressing myself through art.

I think Art is important to society, because it allows us to communicate emotions. Art can influence the people around you and teach new things. Art makes our lives pleasant and enjoyable. It adds beauty to our daily lives.

Producing art makes me feel complete. It is an expression of what I have inside, things that are hard to put into words. My favorite kind of art is painting. Not just drawing something from nature, but adding my own interpretation. My favorite medium is acrylic paint. It adds depth, and layers to a piece.

I plan to take as many art classes as I can. I might even pursue a career in art. This year in art, I have learned how to draw and paint in more detail. I also learned how to do a collage. Through art I learn to create and express. This creation comes from somewhere in my mind, and it is unique and spontaneous.

My art reflects who I am in that I choose how to draw things, which colors to use, where to start, how to finish. Nobody can tell me how to do all this. It is a process unique to myself and different from everyone else. My art can reflect my mood, or even my personality. I am a positive, optimistic person, looking at my art, you will see this part of me.