Grace Wyatt

“Art is so much more to me than lines on a paper, it’s everything around me that makes life what it is.”

Grace Wyatt, Junior Artist

My name is Grace Wyatt and I am a junior in high school. Since I was a young child, I have always had an interest in art. I do things that make me happy, including art.  It make me happy to know I am able to create something I love. And I love to draw and paint, to make things my own. I share what I create with others to show them a sense of who I am. Whether I am placing my pen to a piece of paper or baking a cake and designing it my own way, art to me is whatever you make it to be.

I see art as a way people express themselves when words can’t; I draw, paint, or bake when I need time to think. Creating something gives me a sense of release from everything that’s going on around me. Art is calming to the mind. As soon as the pen glides across the paper or the frosting slides onto a cake I am creating something, something I can look at and be proud of. Art is so much more to me than lines on a paper, it’s everything around me that makes life what it is. 

While being in my Intro to Art class, I can say I really enjoyed doing perspective art pieces as they were so organized and neat. My favorite medium would have to be ink or acrylic paint, but it depends on the art piece itself whether it is meant to have color or not, I don’t know this until I have finished the draft of my art piece. Taking an art class was new to me and I learned a lot of new things. I want to keep art as something I do for me and do it when I need to wind down.

I have learned pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with an art piece can actually surprise you in the end. I have tried new techniques and new art pieces I didn’t even know existed. Intro to art was fun and I am excited to push myself further outside that comfort zone when it comes to my art because the worst that can happen is I have to start over and try again, and that’s not such a bad thing. As I look back on my art piece’s I see myself in every single one of them. When I look at my art I see my neat and organized characteristics, my wild and adventurous drive, and my love with nature and everything created around us. Art is one with all of us, some just don’t know it yet.