Julian Casares

My motivational quote is: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” Wayne Gretzky.

Julian Casares, Senior Artist

I live with a family of 4 and we have recently moved into a new house together where we feel happy because before we were either renting or with family. I enjoy painting on free time while I let my mind wander as I mix colors and paint scenery. I like painting especially when I have a purpose whether I’m painting for family or a gift for friends. This last Christmas I painted on a big canvas which had many different views/scenes. Currently, I’m working on another painting which is for my uncle. He had seen the one I made for my grandparents and said he just really liked. I’m now working on a commissioned painting for him! Looking into the future, although I may eventually become a residential electrician, I will paint as a hobby and/or to make and sell my art. I enjoy doing art in my free time.