Amy Cabrera

“When I produce art it makes me feel carefree.”

Amy Cabrera, Sophomore Artist

Hi! My name is Amy Cabrera, I am 16 years old and I am in 10th grade. I’ve grown up in a very loud household and sometimes I just need a break. Art helps me disconnect for a little and at the same time put all my feelings into it. It has been a great way to calm myself. Art is important to a society because it is a peaceful way to express ones feelings or even opinions. It is important to our society because its a beautiful way to get our thoughts and ideas across and everyone understanding it in a different way. When I produce art it makes me feel carefree and I’d even say more confident in myself. My favorite kind of art is perspective drawing. I love the concept of it and I think it is a very relaxing kind of art. My favorite medium is graphite and ink. I feel it makes the drawings look very clean. My future plans in art is to keep doing it, but mostly on my free time. Definitely making it a “me time” thing. I might take another art class in the future to go even deeper into it. Through art I have learned that you can make a big statement through what seems like a small insignificant piece. My art reflects who I am by showing the dedication I have towards things. It shows I like to put my all into it regardless of mistakes. Art shows what I think is important not only by the drawings themselves, but also the deeper meaning to them.