Kira Kase

“Art is beautiful, it’s the best outlet for all to express themselves.”

Kira Kase, Junior Artist

My name is Kira Kase. I am a junior at Righetti high school, and am an Intro To Art student with Ms. Johnson. Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve always loved coloring and doodling until that turned into drawing and painting. I believe art it important to our society because it provides a gives a creative outlet for all to express themselves. Personally, making art is very stress relieving and calming. I enjoy freestyle painting the most, usually with acrylic paint or watercolor paint. I know that painting and drawing are hobbies of mine that I will continue to do throughout my life. Art has taught me that there may be good techniques to use, but there’s never a right or wrong way to do it. My art reflects my style and my vibe of creation, whether it’s calm, stressed, or happy.