Isaiah Diaz

“Always express yourself; both in and out of art .”

Isaiah Diaz, Junior Artist

Hi I’m Isaiah Diaz. I just transferred to Righetti this year for my junior year. I was originally at Orcutt Academy. A lot of my art is inspired by my creative and free-spirited outlook… my Art does not conform to old-fashioned prescriptions. Growing up I was often picked on for not liking things that “normal boys” liked, now I’ve reclaimed that and embraced it through some of my art.
I think art is so important to our society because it’s more than just colors on a canvas, art brings people together, it brings cultures together. Art is also a form of story telling and sometimes gives us a peek into ancient cultures or history.
Art to me is an outlet to express how I’m feeling, it can also act as a therapeutic escape.
My art reflects me in a lot of ways, I think it really shows my growth and embracing myself. I now love drawing or painting things that maybe I would have been afraid to draw/ paint when I was younger out of fear. I have grown, and so has my art. My art is colorful, and happy.  I hope it makes others feel that way as of being judged. I think it’s important for not just me but others to embrace themselves whether it be in or out of art.