Eliana Hernandez

“Art has given me an outlet to express who I am”

Eliana Hernandez, Junior Artist

Hi, I am Eliana Hernandez. I am a junior at Righetti, and I have always loved to express myself through the creative arts. My parents inspire me to be as creative as possible with everything I do. My father is an amazing oil paint artist who never fails to amaze me with what he is able to create. Watching him improve as an artist throughout my childhood made me want to keep trying with my own art. In our society, I feel so much pressure to follow trends and do what everyone else is doing. I feel such a difference though while I’m creating art, I want to do the absolute opposite. I have this need to break away from everyone else and create something unique for myself. I believe art is so important for our society because of how hard it can be to express yourself. With art you can create a whole new world for yourself, which everyone can interpret in different ways. When I’m producing art, I feel a sense of freedom. My favorite kind of art is anything that has to do with clay. I really enjoy sculpting and pottery, both bring me a lot of peace. My favorite medium when painting is watercolor, I just love how light and delicate it looks on paper. My future plans for art is to always continue doing it, whether I’m taking a class or not. I would love to explore different forms of art classes like a sculpting class. Art has taught me that no matter what I end up  creating, it will always be beautiful. I used to critique myself a lot when it came to my art, but I’ve realized it is more about expression. My art reflects who I am because of how different each piece is. Everyday I evolve as a person and learn something new and the same goes for my art. With every new art piece I do, I learn so much more than I knew before. I am so thankful art has given me an outlet to express my feelings and who I am as a person.