Hayden Baichtal

“Making art feels relaxing.”

Hayden Baichtal, Junior Artist

Hi my name is Hayden Baichtal. I am a Junior at Ernest Righetti High School. My grandfather and sister were both photographers and so I would like to draw out their photos when I was young. Art in our society is important because of the imagery shown can make people feel something towards a certain drawing or painting. Making art feels relaxing. You pick up a pencil or paint brush and you start to create things that are in your mind. Art for me is just a soother. I would say at the start of the year Zentangle was my favorite but now it is perspective drawing because it gives you a sense that you’re in that image. My favorite medium is definitely granite as it has the ability to create images with a simple pencil that everyone has in there home. It is crazy but amazing. I have learned to be a lot more patent when it comes to long tasks because to make it look its best you have to take your time. I also learned that angles are a lot of art if you do not turn your wrist or your paper it will look a lot different on paper than your mind imagined it. My art shows that I still rush a lot of the time but when I find something that I like I will sit down and draw it or take my time doing it. It also has shown that even though there are multiple forms of art, there’s never a better way to do it because everything looks beautiful.