Graciela Cruz

“All art is but dirtying a paper delicately.”

Graciela Cruz, Junior Arist

I am a junior at Ernest Righetti High School, and my name is Graciela Cruz. I adore doing art because it allows me to convey how I feel, think, and want to be seen. Art is a method for me to express myself as a person, and I like being able to do it in a way that others can appreciate. One or two point perspective paintings would have to be my favorite form of art. Cities and landscapes are two of my favorite subjects to sketch. My plan for the future in painting is to just use it as a creative outlet for myself. I mostly create work for my personal enjoyment, but if it inspires others, that is something I would want to encourage. I’ve learnt several strategies in art class to assist me and make my work more realistic and proportionate. However, I’ve discovered that I can utilize art to reflect myself in a meaningful way. And expressing myself via my work has aided me in a variety of ways, all of which have been beneficial.