Dylan Martin

“My art shows the precision I like to have in life.”

Dylan Martin, Junior Artist


Hello my name is Dylan Martin, I am junior at Righetti Highschool. I am a student athlete and a part of the Varsity Basketball Team. My grandpa was a painter and I would always see his art growing up. Art is important to society because it allows people to express how they feel, and can be kept as history in the future. When I am doing art, I feel at peace, like it is just me in the world and I have the freedom to do anything. My favorite type of art, by far, is perspective drawing. I have always wanted to be an architect, and doing perspective art makes me feel like I am one . My favorite medium is graphite. I like graphite because if you make a mistake, it is easily noticeable and you are able to fix it. Sometimes the mistakes give it character. I am not sure if I will pursue art in the future, but if I decide to be an Architect I certainly will. I have learned in this art class, that there is different ways to shade on a paper. It depends on the way you hold the pencil which I find interesting. My art shows the precision I like to have in life. I like to have a set path and you can tell that in my art.