Alyssa Gomez

This photo I am presenting is a representation of my view of photography. As you examine this photo you will see a form of creativity and individualism. Throughout this school semester I have grown to have a new passion for photography and found a great amount of respect. Now for me, I would usually turn to a different form of art like sketching, sculpting, or painting, etc. There were ups and downs throughout the photographic process. but overall the take aways of it were trying new things, finding myself as an artist, and sharing my work with my peers and teachers. I feel like art has a wide range of different ways to express yourself or make your opinions known. As an artist, I have learned new techniques that helped me grow overall. Not only have I started doing photography, but I am in film class also, and what is unique about this it that some tricks that I learned in photo class were also taught to me in my film class. So, both kind of benefitted each other in helping me understand what I am being taught and how I can execute it perfectly. I would absolutely recommend that someone would join a visual arts class because you never know… it could unlock a certain section of your mind to begin functioning and creating in new ways.